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Tumor in the Right Foot

Tumor no Pé Direito

Tumor in the Right Foot

Male patient with tumor on the right foot.

After experiencing persistent discomfort in his right foot, the patient sought medical assistance, leading him to undergo a series of tests, including an MRI. The report from this examination confirmed the presence of a tumor in the right foot, requiring surgical intervention.

Before surgery, a precise identification was made on the patient’s foot to guide the surgical incision. Subsequently, the patient underwent a surgical procedure, in which the tumor was removed. After removal, a sample of the material was sent for pathological analysis to determine the exact nature of the tumor.

During surgery, it was necessary to use a hemostatic to control bleeding and ensure a safe and effective surgical intervention. After tumor removal was completed, the surgical wound was carefully sutured to promote a quick and effective recovery for the patient.

Despite the challenges faced during the process, the medical team is committed to providing the best possible care to the patient. With a comprehensive approach and specialized care, the patient is expected to make a full recovery and return to full health.

Imagem dos pés do paciente.
Image of the patient's feet.
Imagem 2
Image 2
Paciente realizou exames de ressonância magnética do pé direito.
The patient underwent MRI examinations of the right foot.
Laudo da ressonância magnética do pé direito.
MRI report of the right foot.
Identificação no pé do paciente para a incisão cirúrgica.
Identification on the patient's foot for the surgical incision.
Paciente foi submetido a cirurgia.
Patient underwent surgery.
Imagem 8831
Image 8831
Foi enviado material para anátomo patológico.
Material was sent for pathological anatomy.
Imagem_8841- colocação de hemostático
Imagem_8841- hemostatic placement
Sutura da ferida operatória_8855
Surgical wound suture_8855

Author: Prof. Dr. Pedro Péricles Ribeiro Baptista

 Orthopedic Oncosurgery at the Dr. Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho Cancer Institute

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